I'm offering beginner courses starting next month!

** Edited: for reasons beyond my control both courses have been moved and are scheduled to begin later. I will let people enrolled in courses the new dates soon. There are no more spots left for Course A but a few spots for Course B, if you are interested please email me at alipadron at gmail dot com and I will contact you. Thank you** 

A class? A one on one? A chance to get some feedback from me with suggestions on how to start, portfolio review or answers to your own particular questions? I don't really know how to name this,  hehe.. but I am offering two special beginner courses. Many people have asked me to do this in the past and I have been thinking this for a long time now. This is my first time doing this so depending of how it all goes, I might open more courses in the near future. :o)

I'm thinking on taking a small group of people. It has to be small because I want to be able to really give them my time, thoughts and feedback to each one. So 3 people a day (max) would be workable for me. These courses are for illustrators that are starting out and have questions on how to begin. Maybe this is a dream of yours and you have some portfolio pieces but no idea how and when to start? Perhaps you have the theory down of how to start but don't know what a portfolio should include? Or maybe all you want to do is experiment on sending an amazing postcard and would like some guidance?

I want to make this affordable too. I know there are so many illustrators that want to break into the business of illustrating children's books that have so many questions.. I was one of them. But I do have to charge something for my time since these courses will have to go on the side of my regular work illustrating books.

I am by no means famous nor I have all the answers or magical tricks on how to break into this business. But, I can offer you my my personal experience, a friendly ear, my point of view that comes from what I've learned by working with different publishers from around the world, and share what has worked for me. I know there are so many questions, and doubts and misconceptions really..
My goal is to help guide you in the process of starting out and I hope you get valuable information from these courses that at the end you feel more decisive to go for your dream. :o)

So for now I am offering two courses.
Course A starts next month and Course B the month after that.

Course A- 50$
Duration: 3 weeks
Starts Sunday, March 2th ends March 23th.
Maximum students per course: 15

Course A- taking a look at your portfolio-

Communication by personal emails once a week- I will study your portfolio and see which are your strong points and weak ones. Which pieces are worth staying and which others perhaps should go.
Additionally, I will ask you questions and see which subjects you love working on and which you'd like to stay away from. Not many artists realize this, but it is important too. I will help define who your target audience is, depending on your style, after realizing this you will later be able to work with a clearer focus towards your ideal portfolio.

Each student will have an assigned day of the week (for example, Mondays) for communicating with me via email. Every week you get the chance to ask me questions, in your email, with any doubts you might have and I will answer them the following week.

For this course you need to have your portfolio online so I can review it. 

We will also lightly discuss the importance of online presence, blogs, Twitter, websites, promote on online portfolio sites, etc.

Course B- 75$
Duration: 5 weeks
Starts April 6 until May 11th
Maximum students per course: 10

Course B- the making of a great promotional postcard-

I will guide you trough the process of creating an eye catching postcard. I will explain what I think is a postcard image that will stand out from the rest of the pile and I will point out the common mistakes in some of the postcards I've seen. I will help guide you in the whole creation process from idea, characters, sketches and final art.

We will communicate by email once a week. Each student will have an assigned day of the week (for example, always Tuesdays) where I will revise the work they have done for that week and answer questions from the previous week. I will also send them new insight and homework for the following week. So we will cover all from thinking of an original idea, creating a setting, creating the characters, sketching ideas and creating the final art for the postcard.

You need to have access to a scanner, or be able to scan your work, so I can review postcard sketches, ideas and final art.


If these courses sound like something you'd like to try, just leave a comment on this post specifying which course you'd like to take A, B or both and please leave a link to your work. Why this? Well I need to make sure the students taking the courses have a good solid base in drawing and illustrating. I am not an art teacher. I'm an stablished illustrator that will help guide you into this business but you need to have a strong foundation in drawing and painting. **Edited- I received a couple of emails from people interested in signing. So if you prefer the email route instead of leaving a comment on this post that works too. Send an email saying which course(s) you'd like and a link to your work. My email is alipadron at gmail dot com**

I'll leave this post for this month and will choose 15 people for Course A and 10 for Course B. I will then contact you by email with the payment details so you can enroll and then we'll be all set to begin starting with the first course on March 2th, yay, I can't wait!!

PS, if the classes don't fill up but you left a comment on this post and you qualify, I will still do the course even if it's with less people. No worries, I don't want to let you down. :o)


pigknit said...

Hi Alicia, I love the sound of both but I guess I'll begin with the first one? I've always wanted to get in touch with an illustrator who's made it into the industry! My website is currently being programmed so I'll send you a link to a quick portfolio I threw together on my blog. You can also see more work on twitter @pigknit.


This is very kind of you to do, when I was first realizing that illustration can be a career, you were one of the first people that inspired me to give it a shot! Seriously!

Alicia Padrón said...

Aw thank you Jessie, I'm touched! :o)
Wonderful,I'm glad. I'll contact you soon!

Rachel B. said...

Hi Alicia, I am interested in course A. I have often read your blog. Your illustrations are very sweet! Feeling a bit of confusion about where to focus, maybe you can help. Your work is so cohesive and focused! I need that!

Rachel B. said...

Shoot! Forgot to leave a web link- www.raradesi3.wix.com/rachelbollman

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Rachel, glad to hear you'd like to join the course :o)

The link doesn't seem to be working though. Would you mind sending it to me via email alipadron at gmail dot com


Kath Moncrief said...

Hi Alicia,
I am super interested in starting with "A". I've got 20+ years of experience in the advertising field as an Art Director, and like many others I'm trying to transition into the world of PB writing an illustrating. While I know all of the ins and outs of advertising, I feel like an idiot in this new realm! I'd love your guidance.

Kath Moncrief said...

Woops, sorry. If you'd like to see some of my work, you can find it here: behance.net/kkmoncrief

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Kath, thanks for you comment. I'm happy to hear you'd love to transition to children's books. :o)

Would you mind emailing me so I can talk with you in better detail? I tried to find your email but had no luck. My email is alipadron at gmail dot com


Psalm139lisa said...

I would love to take the A class. I might for for the B class too. :)

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Lisa, I sent you an email.