Caperucita Roja- Little Red Riding Hood!

Despite the fact that most of the major streets are blocked and there are protests occurring in different parts of the country, by some amazaing miracle my complimentary copies of Caperucita Roja -Little Red Riding Hood- have arrived today!

The book turned out so lovely, I am really so pleased. It is published by Ediciones SM Spain and will be available March 5th. This book belongs to a series of books called -Cuentos De Ahora-

What a wonderful surprise to get these books at a moment like this.. Really made my day!
I'll post more about the making of this picture book and will show a little more of the inside illustrations soon. :o)


elizabeth said...

This looks a most lovely book.
We are so upset by what is happening in Venezuela lately.
I really don't know how we can help but it really seems as if there should be some sort of redistribution of wealth.
I do hope that you and your family are safe and well.

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Elizabeth.. I know, it is very upsetting. The really worrying part is students are being killed only for protesting peacefully on the streets. Hundreds are in jail, just for peacefully protesting too, traumatized I am sure, since jails here are the worst they can be. There are no human rights here right now! It is frustrating, unfair and sad. I pray that a miracle happens and this country finds a way out of this.

I have a post below with a video that explains the truth of what is happening right now.

I know it's not easy to help but just knowing that people out there know what is happening and help spread the word is help enough.

Thank you

Alicia Padrón said...
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Alicia Padrón said...
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Lenka said...

I also want to say how sorry I feel for the situation in Venezuela. My thoughts are with you. Here in Poland we are disturbed by similar news from Ukraine, our direct neighbour, so I can fully understand your worry and emotions... Your beautiful book seems to have arrived from a world which is a better place...

Alicia Padrón said...

Thank you Lenka.. I really appreciate your comment.