Random House Children's Books Unplug Video

Love this! 

Little kids or big kids.. we all benefit from unplugging. :o)


elizabeth said...

I totally agree.

My grandchildren love doing art work
and playing outside -though the weather has been awful!
Greetings and lots of love

June said...

Thanks so much for sharing this... I am going to share it forwards.
As it happens, I just removed the TV from my studio to give my mind room to wander without interruptions :)

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Elizabeth! I'm happy to hear that, nowadays is very easy for kids to be hooked on electronic devices. I often tell mine to stop what they are doing bc we are going outside, that it's time to get some sunshine on our faces and some wing on our hair, hehe! xo

Oh that's a good idea June! I don't know if I could work with a TV around. In the painting phase, yes absolutely, hehe. Hope this new change gives you some wonderful creative time xo :o)