Highlights Hello Magazine - June 2013 Issue!

I'm so happy! My lovely agent just sent me this, it's the cover I did for June's issue of Highlights Hello magazine! I can't wait to get my copies. :o)

This magazine is the cutest thing I have to say. It's perfect for babies and toddlers. It has round corners and no staples, all the pages are sewn together and it's very sturdy. Perfect for those babies that love to, you know, eat books.. hehe. ;o)

It's filled with poems and stories with colorful and beautiful artwork. If you subscribe you get one issue every month. I'm sure the toddler of the house would be thrilled to receive his/her own mail.

I kind of wish my kids were little again so I could order these for them. :o)


Joanne Roberts said...

And this is a perfect cover for this sweet magazine. Congratulations!

Alicia Padrón said...

Thank you Joanne! It was fun working on it :o)