A guest post featuring Erika Barriga

The lovely Erika Barriga has her debut book out,  Queen Quail is Quiet: and Other ABC Tongue Twisters and is doing a guest post on my blog today. Make sure to check her book out! 

And look at that sweet baby!! Aww my heart just melts. :o)


What were you waiting for?

I keep wanting to reach back in time and shake my twenty-something self around. Talk to her in a stern and serious voice, calm and collected, about how she needs to just find what she loves and pursue it. I'm not sure what took me so long, maybe it was the thought that I had "all the time in the world" to do things.

Whatever the case, for me, having my baby girl jump-started my system. After having her, I felt/feel like I can do anything. So I have grabbed that feeling by it's wings and I don't want to let go.

My first book, Queen Quail is Quiet, was just published mid-May and it is a labor of love. I wanted to grow in storytelling so I decided to tackle the alphabet letter by letter. This book illustrates every letter using every sound of each letter. A fun way to learn how to read and the sentences result in silly tongue twisters for older kids.

I created the art digitally and I have wanted to make a video showing how I illustrate for a long time. I felt that fear again when it came time to actually change the viewing option to "public" on YouTube. But I thought about being fearless and it pushed me to just push the button. Stop not sharing. Don't be afraid to do what you want, just keep pushing toward your goal. It's uncomfortable but worth it.

So I have a video for you (with my voice! eek) I hope you enjoy it and read my book. It's great for all ages. ;)


Julie Clay Illustration said...

The book looks beautiful, and I loved watching your little video. As someone who mainly hand draws and paints (with a bit of photoshop) it is fascinating. I have Illustrator, but haven't even opened it yet?? It's so hard to learn when you are sat on your own. Keep practising that's the way, but getting stuck is infuriating. You do all that work so calmly, it looks lovely. :)

erika said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for watching the video. The exact process you have, traditional, fascinates me. You should open up Illustrator and try some exercises with the pen tool. :) If we keep learning, I think it benefits our work and stretches us as well.

Joanne Roberts said...

Alicia, Thanks for sharing Erika's video. Seeing behind the scenes always gives me courage. I am looking forward to finding Queen Quail. It sounds like a great concept. Thanks, Erika. Your video raises a lot of questions and gives me food for thought.