This is me on Twitter- woof!-

What's a Twoodle you ask?
Well, that's a very good question indeed!

Just came to me today while working on some new book ideas and tweeting silly things at the same time. I do that from time to time. To tweet silly things I mean. ;o)

So I decided to create this hash-tag #Twoodle which stands for Twitter + Doodle and during the week peeps from all over can tweet a word out of the blue, any word actually, and tweet it with the hash-tag included. Then on wednesday you check the hash-tags and choose TWO unrelated words and make a sketch that makes sense from those words. You post it on your blog and tweet about it. I will also name the twitter peeps who suggested those words on my post.

Why two words instead of one? Well I thought it would be a challenge to take two unrelated words and merge them together with art resulting in something that makes sense.

It's easy right? You play when and if you feel like it.
I think it's a nice way to get us warming up for work and can help spark ideas for books too. You never know!

There are some words already up on Twitter, so if you want to participate for next wednesday you can start checking out the words during the week. I'm @aliciapadron if you want to follow me and remember the hash-tag is #Twoodle.

Happy creating!


roz said...

what a great idea, Alicat! :D

Shirley said...

What a super idea, Alicia..and your avatar is adorable!

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks you guys! You should join!! :o)

ella said...

Fabulous idea, I will be twoodling today!