I have no words..

I can't stop crying after watching this. 

What an honest, honest man Maurice was.
 The world is missing out without him here.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Sob, sob, that was so lovely, he tells that so honestly. having to lose people is so hard, they go....where do they go?? I like to think they are around.. and funnily enough, some things happen which triggers a memory and I think, there they are. I had a discussion with a friend who was dying, she was so brave and beautiful, she wasn't sure about being able to contact people who have passed on, I feel she has visited me since she died. She made a pact with her eldest daughter, they agreed on some sign, we didn't do that, but a chance conversation we had, keeps something coming back to me, which happens at odd times, It's nice to think this way. :)

melinda beavers said...

I've seen this before, but it is truly sweet and inspiring and heartbreaking every time … thanks for the reminder, Alicia!

Alicia Padrón said...

Oh Julie.. your story is so moving..I agree, I believe people can visit us when they pass away. I hope your friend has been near you. It sounds like you have already felt it that way. I'm sorry she passed away though, it must of been very difficult for you. Hugs xo

Hi Melinda, oh this is the first time I see it and it completely moved me.