Catching Ideas

Doxie on the go

I was thinking the other day about how ideas come to us. It is always at the weirdest places and strangest times, isn't it?

Why do you think that is? Maybe is because we cant "force" our creative minds at times or perhaps is because there is so much stuff on our minds from our daily lives (grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, kids' after school activities, to do lists..) that all that noise just doesn't let us hear our ideas clearly.

I started to do Yoga everyday now. It's been wonderful so far. One of the hardest things I've done, ever... but very rewarding. In Yoga, my teacher says at the end during relaxation time that we have to let the mind free of thoughts and to not let it wonder. She asks us to concentrate on all of our worked out and stretched muscles that are now relaxed and to go deep into our breathing. This is a lot more difficult that one could think, clearing the mind.

But I believe that doing yoga and doing what I call "auto pilot stuff", which are activities that you do without thinking that you are doing them, like driving, doing the dishes or walking your dog, can take you to the same creative place. I get most of my ideas while driving the kids to and from school. When I reach home I have no idea how the heck I got there, which if you think about it, is extremely worrisome, LOL! My mind just wonders far away. I can't help it.

I truly think this is good for us, specially if you are in the creative field. If you draw, paint or write it is vital to let your mind go. To not work so hard at accomplishing something but to instead, have faith that the answer will come to you if you are brave enough to let it go for a while. Maybe is just me but I really believe this is the way to go. :o)


Jenn Bower said...

I love this post. I've really been working toward that goal of complete creative freedom and abandon and having that faith that if I just keep showing up and drawing that God will guide me. I ask him to move my hand all the time.

John Lechner said...

I totally agree! There have been studies showing that getting away from your desk, exercising, relaxing, is good for creativity. And thinking too hard about something often blocks creative ideas. Just so long as you don't get lost driving home! :)

Alicia Padrón said...

That's great Jenn! :)

John- Haha! That's true.. I really worry. I have no idea how I can't recall where I drove you know? Scary. Lol